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To better provide you with services offered on our site, CB Technical Solutions may collect personally identifiable information from you, from our intake form which you will have voluntarily filled out, such as your name, email address and phone number. CB Technical Solutions uses your personal information only as a means of contacting you, as requested. We will never sell or voluntarily disclose any of your personal information to other parties at any time. We do collect standard web traffic logs which are automatically generated by our web servers and used for analysis.



CB Technical Solutions provides technical information and experiences based on current or prior consulting engagements. CB Technical Solutions is in no way, shape or form, responsible nor liable for your actions and for any changes that you choose to make to your own or to your client’s Office 356 tenant, Infrastructure environment and/or any and all services. Should you choose to follow any guidance on this site/blog please verify that the functionality you desire behaves exactly as you intend and is first tested in a test environment prior to executing any changes that could impact a production environment. CB Technical Solutions will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with the use of our blog or website.


Any and all views expressed in the content of these pages are my own (CB) and not reflective of any other entities.


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Effective as of December 17, 2020