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Small Business Dilemmas Solved with Microsoft 365

By now, everyone has seen all the ads for Microsoft 365. They’re popping up everywhere these days. You’ve probably wondered what the fuss is all about. But is Microsoft 365 a necessary upgrade for your small business? The answer is yes. Microsoft 365 more than a refreshed set of tools: It’s an efficiency and productivity powerhouse.

Here are several reasons why small business owners should upgrade right away:

1. Built in Security

Microsoft 365 was created with data security at its core. The built-in compliance and security protocols mean your cloud storage is safe, and you can control access so your valuable data remains exactly where you want it. Storing your data in the 365 cloud keeps it safe in case of emergency, with 1TB of storage per user included at no extra cost.

2. No More Licensing and Software Versioning Hassles

Software version differences can be a real nightmare in a small office. It quickly becomes a hodge-podge of workarounds and lost time to maintain separate systems. Microsoft 365 includes site-wide licenses and built-in upgrades. You no longer have to worry about manually maintaining each computer individually in your small office.

3. Mail Storage

As an Exchange Server admin, I don't like it but the fact is, most people tend to leave messages in their inbox forever. Occasionally, users will do a quick clean up if we're lucky or they'll clean up only when the alert comes in that the mailbox is full. With Exchange Online Plans 1 (50 GBs) and Exchange Online Plan 2 (99 GBs) you can communicate without worrying about storage space.

4. Better Time Management

Every person in your business is juggling meetings, emails and contacts – usually across multiple platforms. Microsoft 365 brings all those elements together, integrating seamlessly for more efficient time management. Contacts updated via mobile while offsite are automatically updated across all connected devices. Meetings scheduled in an email are added instantly to the calendar. You can even access files from any device, edit on the run and then back in the office, simply pick up where you last left off.

5. Work from Anywhere

The days of fiddling with private network and security settings are over, thanks to Microsoft 365. You don’t even need any special IT skills or extra software. Users can now securely access their files from home, during their commute, or in meetings for on-the-fly impressive presentations. All they need is an Internet connection. That’s all they’ll need to squeeze maximum productivity out of every day.

6. No Hidden Costs

Forget about planning (and delaying) costly upgrades. Microsoft 365 has small business covered. You can choose a plan based on your unique needs and change at any time. You can even add or decrease the number of users as you scale and streamline. It’s so easy to fit Microsoft 365 into your monthly budget while knowing you’ve got the very best and latest in small business software.

7. No Downtime!

A whopping 25% of small businesses shut down permanently after flood, fire, crash or cyber-attack. With Microsoft 365, all your data is stored in the cloud with built-in backups for redundancy. No matter what happens, your data will be there, letting you stay up and running – and always ahead of the pack.

If you're ready to take you business to the next level, give us a shout: info@cbtechnicalsolutions.com

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