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Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Thanks for visiting my website and blog!

Just a quick introduction to you. My name is Christine (CB) and I've been in Infrastructure for my entire career and in a consultant role since 2013. Aside from a side step in my career for a short while, (I focused on the Cisco IP Telephony world/LAN networking for a couple years) my focus has largely been in Microsoft Infrastructure, which includes Active Directory, Exchange Server and Office 365 and even some dabblings with the System Center suite. I started working with Office 365 when it was still called BPOS!

A typical consulting gig for me is for an Enterprise customer and usually entails an email migration to Office 365, in the form of an Exchange Server (hybrid server), Tenant to Tenant migration or from other mail services. I also have focused on more security-related configurations lately, including Conditional Access and locking down and securing Office 365 services.

My goal with this blog is to share technical information that I come across. Some of the information may be common, well known technical knowledge and some of it may not be.

Once again, welcome!

- CB

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